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Recipes for the Soul
A cookbook of Yum!
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26th-Jul-2010 05:30 pm - Chickpea Salad
GLEE // Fa La La La La

Looking for something quick, easy and pretty healthy for you? You've come to the right place!

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7th-Feb-2008 09:52 am - Chinese Almond Cookies
GLEE // Fa La La La La
2 of 4 types of cookies I made for the holidays!

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7th-Feb-2008 09:50 am - Iced Orange Cookies
GLEE // Fa La La La La
1 of 4 types of cookies I made for the holidays!

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21st-Dec-2007 07:13 pm - Chicken Noodle Soup
GLEE // Fa La La La La
This is a slight variation of my mother's Chicken Noodle Soup :). She adds Rice to hers, but I don't particularly care for rice in my soup, and I don't add water. Turkey breasts can be substituted for Chicken breasts...I did that on accident once and it tastes just as good :)

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22nd-Oct-2007 08:29 am - Flavored Jam Tea Cookies
GLEE // Fa La La La La
I have found the PERFECT cookies! I made a batch of these yesterday and they are already gone. I haven't had anything sweet in the apartment for about 2 weeks and I couldn't stand it anymore. I decided I would have to go to the store to get something. I went to check my mailbox and what do I find? The November/December issue of Simple & Delicious! Christmas and Holiday recipes. Cookies, candies, treats, you name it! I stumbled across their Holiday Dough recipe and decided to make some of their "Strawberry Tea Cookies". I'm not a big fan of Strawberry jam, so I decided to pick up a few different flavors incase I didn't like the Strawberry :) Yesterday was Strawberry and Blackberry and they were OH so delicious. I found the cute little Heart cookie cutters at Michaels, and I also found a "flower" type set as well. Nesting Cookie Cutters are the way to go! They make it easy to cut the center out of the top cookies :p ANYWAY. This is a two recipe cookie, the Dough, and then the cookie itself :) You can also use the dough by itself or be creative and do something else with them! Enjoy!

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11th-Sep-2007 08:47 am - Triple-Berry Spinach Salad
GLEE // Fa La La La La
I am now subscribed to 3 different Taste of Home magazines and I've been finding LOTS of recipes I want to try out. This is one that I made about a week or two ago and tweaked it a little since not all of the ingredients were available. This has to be one of the BEST salads I've ever had.
You can use as much fruit as you want really. I didn't measure mine so I'll post what the recipe called for. The recipe also called for onion, but I don't care for onion with my fruit so I omitted it.

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17th-Jul-2007 10:17 am - Parmesan Garlic Chicken
GLEE // Fa La La La La
So I just found a recipe for Parmesan Garlic Chicken and I had to try it out! I tweaked the measurements slightly since I LOVE garlic to no end :) These pictures were taken the next day after the leftovers had been in the fridge....they reheat very well though! Enjoy!

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10th-Jul-2007 08:54 am - Ranch and Mushroom Pasta
GLEE // Fa La La La La
Soooo I made the other night for my first dinner in my new apartment. It's simple and tasty...Great for those that don't want to spend a lot of time cooking after a hard day of unpacking work :) Most of this is estimated and can be changed to suit your tastes.

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